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The drive has a centrifugal clutch.  The drive has a cogged belt, the belt looks OK but I don't know it's age.

The engine should be upright when all is assembled.

503 engine and drive




1988 Phantom X1 Stunt plane.    New wing sails,  New tires & rims ! All instruments.......... Flies great !!! ...........SOLD !!!

Brand new slicks and light aviation rims

The old tail sails, untorn,safe to fly. 

Very clean dry engine exterior. Runs like new.

Exhaust good condition.

Dual CHT,EGT, RPM, airspeed, altimeter,level


My wife, Sheryl Portman, landing an MX2 at Kitty Hawk field in 2007. She learned to fly better than me !




RALLYY 2B    $1550 

This 1988 Rebel sat in a hangar untied and a thunder storm blew it into a corner, breaking the tubing holding the tail on, and also the trailing edge of one wing. Engine and new prop were untouched. Plane needs to be recovered. Low hours on strong 377 engine.!!!


 N-3 Pup Ultralight   $12,000    Clean as new !!!

Cruise 70 mph.....50 hrs on Mosler 4 stroke engine.

Has a pair of mechanical heel brakes !

Recently added electronic ignition and streamlined the struts !

Mosler 40 hp 2 cylinder 4 cycle engine  (50 hrs)


Custom halfmoon side windows.......you can see your rudder !



Starduster  $38,000  

Kit finished by pro in 1999.....less than 40 hrs...a beauty !!!


















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